Allagash Odyssey! / by Heidi Geist

The first collaborative label is released!

Allagash is extra special, because in Maine, we are a family…not just the craft beer industry, but creative people and small businesses all over the state. It is a very unique dynamic that I have yet to find anywhere else in this beautiful country. Anyone who has been to this brewery knows the the people working behind the scenes to bring the world such a wonderful beer, are genuinely kind and passionate folks.

This was a release of fan fave Odyssey, a dark wheat ale, oak barrel-aged

The artwork was done by layering two separate pieces over each other. One pen and ink drawing of detailed geometric patterns, and another pen and colored pencil drawing. I felt it was important to respect Allagash’s very clean-classy aesthetic, that never overindulges in color or subject matter. The pop of vibrant color I chose for this is mellowed by both the framing form, as well as the neutral background.

The term, odyssey, is a powerful one to start this tour with, as the 48 Beer Project is, itself, truly an odyssey!