Foam Brewers - Distopian Dream Girl! / by Heidi Geist

Collaboration number 2!

Foam Brewers sits on Lake Champlain, in Burlington, Vermont. The contrast of the unassuming building to the views it owns is something to behold. I had the honor of hanging art on their taproom walls a little over a year ago, and was smitten immediately upon my arrival. They have chosen a perfect aesthetic of industrial youthfulness, pairing the arts of music, performance, and visual arts, with the art of crafting great beer. This is enjoyed in the space as much as it is your glass!

When I stopped in for this collaboration, back on September 13th, all the conditions were as ideal as could be! Fall was certainly on its way, while the days were still warm and sunny. I stayed in their parking lot…the only space separating Foam from the park that gives way to the gorgeous lake. All weekend long was the Grand Point North music fest right there in the park, featuring the ever popular Grace Potter, as well as Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats!

Between the incredible food trucks out front of Foam, the live music inside, including artists Local Dork, Erin Cassels-Brown, and the festival across the street…it was a fantastic five days! I laid in bed in my cozy little bus and listened to music die with the setting sun every night…and if you’ve never seen a sunset over Lake Champlain.. you haven’t seen any sunset!

I should make mention too, that these, again, were all the most wonderful people, kind and generous, and I am grateful to them for their wonderful hospitality!

The beer collaboration was for the IPA, Distopian Dream Girl, a name derived from one of the brewery’s favorite bands, Built to Spill, who happens to hail from my hometown of Boise, Idaho, and has been one of my personal favorites for years! Needless to say, I didn’t need much creative direction on this label…it rally fell into place quite naturally! I created the artwork by first painting a background on plexiglass, then a second layer of pastel on paper, and finally a simple pen drawing that represented a more literal dystopia.

The layers, together, formed the contradicting nature of the song.. of life, of youth. The phrase “dystopian dream girl” is a bit of a contradiction in itself, and I wanted to represent this with the contrast of soft, swirling color, with the grit of stained imagery. Abstract as it is, I think it came together pretty damn good.