1s and 0s and Random Bits. / by Heidi Geist

The road.

4700 miles to date, this being the 21 day of December…the solstice….a marker on a timeline of a timeless project.

13 collaborating breweries visited. 10 project labels completed. 3 labels in progress. 5 project beers/labels released. 2 beer barrels painted.

4 bus breakdowns.

Hundreds of conversations.

1 trip home to visit family.

2 wonderful daughters.

1 in college, 1 on the road with me.

1 new rescue dog named Churro.

13 interviews/articles.

2 pairs of leggings lost to a spilled can of polyurethane.

1 invitation for bus sex (from stranger TO ME).

1 ticket received to Nathaniel Rateliff in Burlington.

Hundreds of espresso drinks.

129 nights spent in the skoolie, minus 4 hotels, 3 nights with the Beer’d Brewing fam, and 7 days with family.

Dozens of postcards sent to family.

6 coats of Flex Seal spray on roof leaks.

3 solar panels installed.

3.5 Maine-based sponsors.

1 Oregon sponsor.

1 Georgia (formerly Maine) sponsor.

Hundreds of beers consumed.

10 Lbs gained

Dozens of Planet Fitness visits.

13 Alligators spotted.

7 pee container empties.

4 ridiculously silly card games played with Ashley.

12 blog posts written.

0 uses of my GoPro.