Nine Hundred Miles In / by Heidi Geist

It’s D Day (D for Departure, from the collaborating brewery), and I’m chilling in Fearless (the bus) on a very peaceful off-day at Kent Falls Brewing Co. . I woke up pretty resentful this morning, after a fitful full moon night’s sleep, and fearing my growing attachment to the Plan Bee Farm, knowing my brief residency was at a close. However, I had a full “English breakfast” to look forward to, thanks to the culinary talents of Evan Watson, the head brewer and co-owner/founder of the brewery at Plan Bee. Evan and Emily (husband and wife) have carved out an extraordinary life with this place. The dedication and passion poured into the farm is something awesome (full of awe)…something admirable, and you can taste it in the carefully crafted beers that flow from their taps.

This couple heartily values sourcing locally grown, raised, or otherwise created products and resources, and is uncompromising in their brewing methods. But you won’t taste a hint of pretension or undeserved pride here…they have earned every ounce of it with humility and hard work.

The design aesthetic at Plan Bee is organic, simple, farmstead-classy. I was stoked when Emily accepted my invitation to collaborate with the 48 Beer Project, not just because I love the beer, but because I have been biding my time, in hopes of stumbling on a label project that fits the above criteria. So much of what I do is overdone…loud, complex, and often rides a “darker” artistic edge, but my creative mind doesn’t always naturally drive in that direction…I enjoy simple designs, especially relating to my lifelong connections to nature and science.

A pretty intimidating challenge for me as a freelance artist, is being adaptable to an endless array of aesthetic pleasures and always trying to satisfy the vision of each client. This couldn’t be more challenging than taking on 48 new clients in one year’s time…and with only days to complete each new design!

At Plan Bee it took my entire stay to feel out the right artwork…partly because I was so relaxed, I found myself uber distracted by my own contentment. Often, though, I find that time and space are the best ingredients to create.

Needless to say, we wrapped up the label and it was a magical few days on the farm, with the goats, the chickens, Oscar the cat, and, of course, Ellie and the bouncy castle.

Look forward to getting your hands on Moon Shed, a spontaneous beer turbid mashed with heirloom, homegrown corn (I can vouch for this brew :))!

*This blog post comes into the project a couple weeks late… which means my next few posts will cover the first couple weeks on the road.

Upcoming is my collaboration with Trillium Brewing Co., which will take place at their Canton, MA location.