Do a Little Dance / by Heidi Geist


My blog posts, of recent, have become a bit more sparse, perhaps a little more abstract, which is a great introduction into the mind of the Geist.

Presently, I’m sitting, legs up, at a table in Kiln, Mississippi’s Lazy Magnolia taproom, having just wrapped up the 17th project collaboration. I can’t really look at the wall mural I just painted. I’ve been consumed by it these past 6 days, and my neurons are threatening to melt if I so much as gaze in its general direction.

The painting is nothing to write MOMA about, just an artist’s take on the brewery’s namesake….simple and sweet, and lazy.

Lazy Magnolia is educated-country. Time, patience, perseverance would be words not lending enough credit to what these folks have endured to pave their way into Mississippi culture.


Leslie and Mark Henderson deserve all the praises and hand raises. Industry knows Leslie from her service on the board of directors for the Brewers Association, and others have come to know this hardworking couple from having macheteed through some prehistoric southern brewing laws, to offer the state of Mississippi, and beyond, great beer and a doorway to the ever-evolving world of beer. Having only opened their taproom within the past year, Lazy Magnolia may seem behind the times to some, but considering how much they have contributed to the progress of MS law, we should all smile when we consider those custom wood stools, unfinished walls, and friendly faces.

You can’t truly know the enormity of their successes, though, without hearing the tales of all their roadblocks…but we will keep that for the novel…

P.S. I realize how brief this post is, but I will not fail you…you haven’t received the full story of LMB, without also hearing about Valerie Sassyfrass…which will be my collateral for finishing the tale…