Been a minute / by Heidi Geist

Well… to say I have some catching up to do with my blogging would be a gross understatement. Problem is, I rarely have wifi anymore.

I’m presently sitting in the meeting/catch-all room of Fernson Brewing Company’s main location in northern Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This is the second brewery stop on this 3rd mini tour, and the 35th collaboration for the 48 Beer Project! With only a month and a half of touring left, I’m feeling the squeeze of my future plans….where I will live, how I will move the bus, how I will go about sorting and organizing a year + worth of content, brewery collaborations, experiences on the road, etc.

It will be bitter sweet finishing the tour, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t beginning to get anxious to be stationary and see my girls again! I’m stoked too, to get working on the book and art exhibition.

Since I’m short on time here, I’ll just leave y’all with some random photos…. More soon.