Side Notes and Anecdotes


I get a lot of odd thoughts and have lots of silly encounters and situations on this tour, and figured it would be fun to share snippets every so often, and will be calling this

“Side Notes and Anecdotes”

Let’s go ahead and start with today!

Monday through Wednesdays have become my errand/cleaning/repair days. Earlier this afternoon, I was chilling in my bus, killing time on my phone while my laundry cycled in the laundromat next door.

A man approached my open driver’s window and asked about the bus. Skeptical of his motivation, he seemed to know a bit about craft beer, so I engaged. When he asked for me number, I gave him my business card. He then asked to come inside and check out the bus, but I felt that maybe he was making a move, so I insisted that I had to get moving and he left.

I sat another 20 minutes after he walked off, when a message popped up on my phone:

“Hey Heidi this is Nadeem we’ve just met Nice talking to you Listen how about $300 in your car right now”

Uuuuhhhhh…look, aside from your HORRENDOUS grammar, your lack of punctuation and run-on sentences, aside from the fact that you actually said “…we’ve just met…” and then follow it up immediately with an offer to bang me in my “car”… I mean, yeah, I’d love $300, especially after just choking up $400 to replace my alternator, but when you were talking to me, all I could think was how bizarre the shape of your head was and how I felt cornered, though I was in my own space in a public parking lot.

So, no Nadeem, no I am not a whore/hooker/prostitute, and I am certainly not going to let you fuck me.

Good luck with the rest of your life. I hope you find what it is you’re looking for.