The Coffee Shop Hop / by Heidi Geist

If anyone should be writing Yelp reviews, its me. The number of coffee shops I have visited in these past 11 states, far exceeds the breweries I have been to, in fact, I’d estimate that number to fall somewhere around 60.

WiFi! Power! Bathroom!

While I could certainly use my own beautiful, clean toilet, and I can use my uber fancy Coleman stove to make coffee, I don’t always have enough juice to keep my laptop charged, not to mention the hotspot I pay Verizon so much for every month, isn’t the most efficient for uploading large art files…shocking, I know.

I’m not going to use the term “coffee snob” to define my fiendishness, since I’m more than willing to whip up some instant coffee from time to time, however, I have an immense appreciation for well-crafted beans and baristas who know their shit and somehow maintain humility over pretentiousness.

I love the contrast of brewery to espresso shop, where community is traded for communal isolation. Breweries are bursting with laughter and conversation, music and sounds of beer being created. I gather my laptop and head to a coffee shop to focus, surrounded by other people, all in their own little realms of concentration and silence. Books, computers, phones, pen and paper, the modern cafe is no longer the social gathering place, but has retired and passed the torch to this amazing new world of craft beer.

Business meetings are opportunities for my observational…or, perhaps, spying, ears.

Truth is, of the two, I prefer the outdoors.

Hiking opportunities are becoming more plentiful as I move west. Open space with gorgeous vistas… sunsets and sunrises can be seen in their entirety now, and I feel lighter. I’m looking for that structure that allows me to balance time spent at breweries, coffee shops, making art, creating content, and living that van life.

For now, the hills and mountains of Virginia and West Virginia are beckoning, and I must answer…time to warm up the GoPro…and fulfill my promises of YouTube!

*I’m currently working on content to beef up the project for all your starry little eyes…with some “off time” in the next month, I’ll be able to get rolling on video for y’all. (blows air kiss)