Dear Diary.... / by Heidi Geist

It’s Sunday, the 10th of February, 2019. We have been snowed in for six days now. Ma has the fever and we fear she won’t last another night. I have been under the weather, but have the dog to keep me comforted. The oxen are showing signs of starvation now and Pa thinks we may have to put them to rest. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I sure hope the warm days are coming…


It is a struggle, you know…finding motivation to get work done, when the winter weather casts its Netflixing spell. I can’t get much done after the sun goes down, because the lighting in the bus just isn’t conducive to arting. But hey, there are worse things out there to be concerned with, like yellow fever and rabid lions.

I’m presently haunting the lot outside Ozark Beer Co., a wonderful brewery in Rogers, AR. These guys make my 19th collaboration for the project…kind of nuts that I’ve come this far (literally and figuratively).

It has been about four days since I sent my youngest off on her first solo plane ride back to Maine. Bittersweet. Now, all my attention is directed at the poor, molested dog…no… not like that, but she does get her fair share of scratches and rubs, and sometimes a little spooning. We’ve been enjoying our morning oatmeal together, although, I do not, personally, prefer chicken stock in mine…well… anyhow.

Did I mention that winter crushes me? Like, I have ZERO/CERO appetite for salads or music. Only carbs and mediocre Netflix marathons. Also, I have been thriving in sweatpants…by thriving, of course, I refer to my winter body…so much room to expand the waistline and all that.

Needless to say, early spring might do me some good.

So, I suppose I’m mostly done with the south now. Phew! That felt like an eternity! No offense to the dampness…you have your purpose, but, I could really use some dry air. The next three weeks, I will be trying to play Mr. Invisible with the Bible thumpers and the tornadoes, while snapping gorgeous photos of quaint farms and wrestling down some incredible beers.

Don’t think for one second this is all just babble, I’m speaking the word of Geist, an anxious, dream surfing, master of nothing, grab life by the horns, self doubting, relatively confident, piece of work…making art and taking names across this godforsaken land.

Yes. My blogging has been far less frequent as of the past month or two…but here I deliver you something fresh… profound, utterly enlightening. Enjoy.

Until the next entry… tah. tah.