A Little Something Extra / by Heidi Geist



Desert glow. Grow

And the red rocks thrive

Springs burst through ancient earth

Quenching thirst-born of the first

Untouched earth

And the birds speak. Shriek

With the flute


In the canyon rings

The sound of a rhythm of Moab, brings-release

Lyrical currents round and round in the walls found-flow

The soul, flow and flow they go


With the light, music is charges by the sun

Underground come

Desert Prophesy

Shifting sands--Scorching sun


Is where I roam

From the earth 

I hear this song

With the wind

I sing along

  Enchanted landscape with a purple sky

  Alien architect and the all-seeing eye

   Magical mysteries encoded in the breeze

  And if you listen, it will speak

Time has handed us secrets to unlock

But first we must learn

Upon which door we must knock

Educate yourselves, and open up your mind

Then if you are conscious, the key, you will find

 Step into your future

 And wander through your life

 Listen to the words of the past, for they are wise.

The Fractal Mind   

October 23, 2011

Our thoughts

   are tiny dots

Microscopic transmitters

   emitting frequencies cloned, from genomes

Mapping an art piece, 

   A pointillism organism multiplying-    

beyond comprehension

   A non-mechanical invention

These dots are

   Matryoshka dolls

Lining the walls

    Replicating the last, in a vast mass of—Space—

A negative place, vacuum-sealed

    In contracting field- the fractal lung

Black hole-stung

   Introspection; to look within


    The Continuum.

specks glow,
hovering still overhead
frozen life-forms
and time stops
abrupt, makes lattes slop outa paper cups
and static is the sound
the air, it's speaker
the thumping rhythmic beat of hearts still pumping..
provides the bass line
a harmonic lively musical in sync
when time, thoughts and chaos cease.
if only for one moment
it's enough
it's enough to absorb
it's enough to refresh
it's enough to enlighten
and brighten,
a new perspective
 energy is
infinitely wise and open wide
and love and inspiration
and music
and art
and creation
when energies collide