Side Notes and Anecdotes - From Maine to Fearless with Love / by Heidi Geist

Many of you already know about my new partner in crime-my incredibly creative, resourceful, and straight up brilliant 15 year old daughter, Ashley. Ashley has had some struggles, as many teenagers do, but the past couple years, depression has gotten the better of her, pitting her against emotional despair, in the midst of a flood of typical morphing hormones and brain restructuring.

Having myself struggled with the void of depression in my youth (and since then), and with multiple suicides in the family, I recognized the absolute urgency of creating a solution asap.

So, with the support of her dad and family, we decided that the road might be the best medicine. Last week I was back in Maine for the Thanksgiving holiday, and could see the massive change from the first few days of my arrival to boarding the plane back to North Carolina—the weight, almost visibly lifting from her shoulders.

I’m grateful that I’m in a situation that offers us this unique opportunity. For her to have a break from the monotony of routine and bleakness of Maine winter, to see new sights and meet new people…for her to have me and me to have her…amazing.

For those who have been supportive in helping make this possible (financially it is a bit challenging), thank you. Big up to Liquid Riot <3

The road ahead looks pretty damn bright and full of potential.