Filed Under: HazeBroz|OG | West versus East / by Heidi Geist

Just a quick observation here.

First, let me preface with this——I’ve been living in New England for the past 12 years.

Yesterday evening, I was perched at the bar of Breakside Brewery nursing a rice lager, getting whiplash from a head-spinning parade of amber-colored beers being passed from the beertender to the server. I glanced at the draft list and wondered which of the non-IPA’s was such a rich honey-copper.

I asked the waitress what the beer was, and she replied, and I quote..”IPA, of course!!”.

I was like….holy shit, I’ve been drenched in the haze craze to the point of not even recognizing an OG beer-the classic West Coast IPA.

Look… I don’t have the biggest palate for either, but I can appreciate both, and this was incredibly refreshing…to see the original style still very alive and well out here!

The end.