"Crafting Change" -Delta Beer Lab by Heidi Geist

A shared perspective here at Delta Beer Lab sums up the entire mission of the 48 Beer Project in only two words—”Crafting Change”.

In the midst of an (seemingly) escalating divide in our American community—much of it being media-driven, of course, but no matter the source of contention, folks are taking sides, even in the most non-applicable circumstances, and with fierce commitment—a political piousness—forming very narrow opinions, void of peripheral view, a lens that lacks any attempt of empathy.

I could veer down some paths of conspiracy, and I’m always happy to do so, but here I will acknowledge only what we have in front of us.

Humanity is GOOD.


The craft beer industry is far from perfect, so please don’t mistake my words for some unrealistic glorification of this industry or the folks who keep its parts greased. HOWEVER, and I’ve touched on this in past blog posts, what craft has done for community, and this nation at large, is take a beloved beverage and craft with it a positive space for ALL people to share in a common passion. Taprooms are havens for all. Gay, straight, religious, non-religious, the political left/right/middle/none, families, retirees, all of us ethnic mutts and those who are somehow still “pure-bred”, rich, poor, college students, etc. And what a statement- HAVENS for all within the imaginary borders of this country—-in a time when many more are seeking, simply, the basic life necessities, and violently denied.

The point I make here is this, YES, there is currently, always has been, and always will be defined lines that keep our human family separated into groups…categories…keep us divided. BUT, let us please not just constantly mourn this, but celebrate the efforts of those who attempt to provide sense of community, of safety and love. I believe, through a lifetime of social observation, interviews, conversation, etc., that there is FAR MORE GOOD in this country in the world, and the negativity will always try to take the spotlight, but sometimes it is in the shadows that our light truly shines.

Hi, from California! by Heidi Geist

The bus, Fearless, turned her last mile nearly 6 weeks ago.

You can imagine how this may have put a bit of a kink in the travel portion of the 48 Beer Project.

Though the trip is sponsored, funds were burnt quickly, with a series of engine troubles through the winter. Stranded in southern Arizona, I deliberated a while on how to proceed. Crowdfunding was the most immediate means of securing funds needed to keep on the road, and with much gratitude to those who donated, I was able to purchase a new set of wheels. 

The Honda CRV (named Sonni) I found on Craigslist certainly isn’t in new condition. It clearly had endured some front end damage, had its catalytic converter stripped, driver’s door can only be opened from the outside (which should prove a massive pain in the ass in any torrential downpour), and airbags have never been replaced. However, the price and timing was right, and all I really need is something to get me from point A-B and back to A. 

Yes, this is NOT a great alternative to a bus, in that it has no toilet, comfy bed, kitchen, art studio. It is not a home on wheels. I’ll make it work.

I have a lengthy blog in the works, covering the story of the breakdown, my time in the desert, the plan from here on out. But for now, I wanted to just thank all my fabulous supporters and show some pics from today’s adventure. I am now JUST back on the road, after a nearly 6 week hiatus, and it feels FANTASTIC! 

I am presently writing from Joshua Tree, California, having just spent the morning meandering through the state park. This afternoon I will head to the Pacific Coast, and hopefully get some artwork done, while soaking up some gorgeous ocean views!


NahNahNahNovare Rezzzs by Heidi Geist


I’ve been meaning to (for the past 6 months) introduce you all to my Portland, Maine fam. By “fam”, I refer to all my friends and connections back home. Portland is unique in this way, all it’s year-round residents are very connected, perhaps leaning toward incestuous at times, but mostly, it’s like having a massive network of extended family. Many of us intersect at creative ventures, whether it be playing music, writing, theater, visual art, etc., and most of us do or have worked in the local service industry. I may not be a “Mainer”, but I love these people!

One of my favorite, and much missed (because I’m on the road…they still exist :)) Portland haunts is Novare Res Bier Cafe. Novare has been nurturing the Maine beer scene for well over a decade now, and is known for their superior selection of beer from around the world. While the original focus was a bit more Belgian-forward, they have now become the hotspot for a wide array of styles in top craft beers from around our country.

Perhaps the most loved facet of the culture of this bar, is the aesthetics, the design and location of the physical space. Being tucked under a tall city building, accessible via an alley, it has the appeal of some amazing European club, known only to the locals. Tourism is not foreign to Novare Res, though…word has been out, and people flock to this beer bar all year long…whether we find this good, or annoying, doesn't change the awesome vibe inside. <3

Owner/Founder of Novare, Eric Michaud, brought to the scene a much different concept a few years back, brewery/distillery/restaurant/bar, Liquid Riot Bottling Company. Perched right over the waterfront on Portland’s Commercial Street, Liquid Riot is right in the thick of the cruise shippers and ocean-loving visitors. This place isn’t a “Jack of all trades”…everything they do, they do well. My first introduction to Liquid Riot (formerly named Infinity), was 5 or 6 years back, and has since become a favorite source for some of Maine’s best beer and spirits.

In Response to Inquiries for Support! by Heidi Geist

To those who have helped to support the project, and my incorporating my daughter, Ashley into the journey, your love is greatly appreciated, and will certainly be payed forward!

To those who have asked how to help or where to send money, read the note below. Follow this link to the button to donate toward the project!