The Transient Way / by Heidi Geist

Have you ever been homeless? Have you blazed new trails across unknown territory, or even couch surfed for an extended period of time? Let’s talk about your shower habits…are you a two-a-day kinda person? Do you toss your dirty laundry in the wash, or your dishes into the dishwasher the minute they are soiled? When was the last time you were without power? Without internet/wifi?

Imagine a life in which you have your full time job, where you must present yourself, relatively, clean and pulled together. Deadlines haunt your sleep, and you’re brain is salaried-overworked and underpaid. You love your work and all the new opportunity it brings.


You do all this with no solid ground under your feet, no consistency in comfort level. You pull imagination from thin air, married in space…inspired and fluid, yet, like Deja Vu, imagery and the conversation with that…fleeting…so fleeting you are blind to the process, but dwell only in distraction and dissonance. Then the work is strung together, sometimes it is butter…sometimes salt. You wonder how it works….where it comes from… why.

The ebb and flow of excitement, evolution, confidence…the wax and wane of MY OWN creativity. It exists in the vacuum…

My time, if only energetically, is spent wandering through a void…with sudden, jutting paths, and with the effort of a thousand colorful fireworks, shoot me into the tangled neural circuitry of our vast (seemingly…I’m still considering the dome theory, among others) universe.

What is what. What makes sense and what does not. Reality is to be questioned, or, challenged. Every crevice, crevasse, corner, hill, hole. Opportunity and potential are truly limitless. Even in a dome, there’s much to be explored.

Does beer really matter? Sure, in moments. Is the 48 Beer Project changing the world? Of course.. as every single thing that does or does not happen, effects and alters existence. Perception, however, is our only real truth….individually, of course.

Art. Art is the real deal. Whatever that means, however it is interpreted…it is the one universally binding language. Just refer to cymatics.

This has been your evening meditation with Heidi Geist. Thanks for participating.