The Cultural Threads that Define our Country / by Heidi Geist

I had a great conversation the other night.

It was after sundown, cigarette smoke hanging under the patio roof, as the remnants of Saturday’s brewery patrons lingered in the glow of string lights. My last night at Collective Brewing Project, Forth Worth, and I indulged in some refreshing talk with a man, about my age, who had originally moved to the US from Nepal, and had since lived in multiple parts of this country. We chatted of culture and what all that encompasses. We talked of a skewed perception of our society, in all the negative bullshit that we are fed and often believe. Prejudice, opportunity, mental health, religion, …even techno.

After a couple bottles of an epic sour, we concluded that humans are, at their very core, good, most often with the best of intentions. We wove together ideas and images from two very different backgrounds to a common ground. Life is endless potential. Hardships are a part of that, and we can’t simply take a back seat to it every time we are victimized or tripping over ourselves. We make mistakes, but hopefully we challenge our own poor choices with better ones.

Above all, art, in all its wonderful forms, keeps the threads of our species from fraying into oblivion.