Virgin.....Yah! / by Heidi Geist

As soon as I was south of the Mason Dixon…or, south of D.C., the air got clearer, the sun shined brighter, and the music sweeter.



I had to hustle out of Baltimore prematurely, due to a morning news appearance for Fox 5 in Washington D.C., which was a bit of a bummer, as Union Craft Brewing is a pretty awesome spot, that really deserves a longer hang sesh! As I write this post, I am still working on the label art for Union…though I am in North Western Virginia, for collaboration number 10 with Adroit Theory Brewing Co..


D.C. was a whirlwind… but from from what I saw, it seemed like it would be a pretty awesome city to spend a few days exploring. I touristed the State House, the National Gallery of Art, chatted with the Fox 5 crew about beer and pretty much booked it to Richmond. Richmond was the destination for Triple Crossing Brewing’s Covenant Beer Fest, and though this was a bit out of the way from Purcellville, seemed like a great idea! I popped into the Veil for a quick beer that afternoon…hazy and overcast.


Richmond… awesome city….the history all but screams at you, and you can feel its heartbeat as you near the James River. I stumbled on a great little restaurant, tucked away in the cobblestone side streets-quaint, like a Thomas Kinkade, framed on the wall of a warm, well kept home. The morning came early, rainy but gold with the sunrise, cold and fitting. I made the decision to forego the beer fest. While I would normally have been very disappointed about this decision, I felt it was wise…coming out of a very congested couple months in the cities, where overindulgence was my forte, and sleep, an after thought.

Covenant would have been great. This I am confident of.

I sought out early espresso, and headed west. I think I really just needed to head WEST.

Found myself in Shenandoah Nation Park by lunch time, and with a crisp, cold, fall day by my side, I drove north, up Skyline Drive. What a gorgeous day…yellow and orange leaves flitting to the ground, the air tasted as though it had been reborn.

My first breath in months…in years.

More on Virginia later though, for now, back to my B Chord Brewing stout!