The kick-off brewery-  Allagash Brewing Co ., Portland, Maine  Photo Cred: Allagash

The kick-off brewery- Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, Maine

Photo Cred: Allagash

Welcome to the 48 Beer Project!!

Excited to say that I am back in Maine, having finished the touring part of this project, and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with you! I’m strapping down for a long Maine winter of writing and preparing for next year’s 48 Beer Project exhibition! Believe it or not, I still have a handful of labels to finish, and there are several of the collaborative beers yet to be released! So keep following along and let’s enjoy this road together!

Thank you to all who have helped to make this project so damned awesome!

The TOUR -

9-8-18 through 9-8-19 - 48 WEEKS - 48 STATES - 48 BREWERIES - 48 ART WORKS

The Project -

Ongoing - Book + Art Exhibition + Story Telling Podcast + Tap Takeover


I have been immersed in the craft beverage and restaurant industries for some time...fusing art and music performance into the scene...feeding off the brilliant creative energies of others to fuel a whole cultural experience. A lifelong explorer, I spent much of my childhood on the road, on the Oregon Trail, in tents, under the stars, making art... making music.

(A brief bio of an artist)

For the past 12 years, artist Heidi Geist has evolved her work in the Portland Maine area, experimenting with a variety of mediums, including years of blacklight responsive art. Having started primarily with set design and backdrops for local musicians, Heidi moved into more exhibition work and commission work for restaurants and bars. 

      While managing an area bottle shop, she was asked to tackle her first beer label for Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. in Portland. This hand drawn piece-Diavoletto-would be the first of many for Bissell, as well as a catalyst for an epic portfolio of label work. Three years into beer label art, Heidi envisioned a richer and more engaged concept for doing work within the craft beer industry. With a passion for the road, and study of not just the world of beer, but humanity at large, the 48 Beer Project was born—a year long, cross country documented exploration of the beer industry, through label art and interviews. 

       But beer labels aren’t the only focus of this artist, who still lives in a world of large, textured paintings and murals. Heidi uses lots of vibrant color, powdered metals, and varying substances (including last night’s beer/chips) to create her work. Subject matter has no constant, as she gives life to fantastical and darker elements, deep and complex, but when a new wind blows, she may find herself immersed in a pen and ink land of geometric line work or a delicate abstract watercolor. 

       Heidi is a passionate traveler and explorer of the unknown, and always on the move, finding balance in playing the piano and hiking. Her educational background is rooted in social psychology/nutritional neuroscience/creative writing. She strongly believes in lifelong learning and intelligent risk taking.

I've always been fascinated with humanity.. the machine of the human mind, and the interactions we have one with another. I've spent years traveling solo, hitchhiking, and of course.. planes, trains, and automobiles.. or... Greyhound Buses! My encounters with perfect strangers have been nothing short of amazing... bizarre at times, for sure, but mostly amazing. Listening to others, without judgment, with an open mind, allows us to learn about our selves, both singularly, as well as who and where we are in relation to the rest of our human family.


I see the 48 Beer Project as a one of a kind opportunity to explore a more select demographic in this family...


As a label designer, it made sense to use my work as a vehicle to get this expedition off the ground!


Much Love,


Sonni the CRV (filling in for Fearless)

Sonni the CRV (filling in for Fearless)

Fearless the Bus, hosting beer from  Boothbay Craft Brewing!

Fearless the Bus, hosting beer from Boothbay Craft Brewing!

Photo Credit:  The Beer Trekker   Taken at the  Allagash  Street Fair, 6/23/18

Photo Credit: The Beer Trekker

Taken at the Allagash Street Fair, 6/23/18